PAR – Fundamental Communication and Self-Management Skills
Golf Skills: Putting and Chipping, Grip Stance and Posture, Pre-shot Routine

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Respecting the Rules
3. Meeting and Greeting
4. Having Fun While You learn
5. Staying Cool
6. Finding Your Personal Par

BIRDIE – Goal Setting and Dealing with Challenges
Golf Skills: Full Swing, Importance of Practice, Motivation Drills

7. Dreams and Goals
8. Positively Stating a Goal That is Important to You
9. Stating Goals Specifically
10. Setting Goals That Are Under Your Control
11. Getting to Your Goal
12. Dealing With Challenges

EAGLE – Group and Community Interaction
Golf Skills: On Course Play, Club Selection, Shot options

13. Stay Well For Life
14. Building a Go-To Team
15. Appreciating Diversity
16. Dealing With Conflicts
17. Be a Go-To Person
18. Planning for the Future